JMC have been granted AEOF status by Revenue

*JMC have been granted AEOF status by Revenue from 1st December 2018. Our AEO Certificate reference is AEOF 10003098.

AEO stand for Authorised Economic Operator and is the EU-wide certification issued by Customs Authorities to designate operators as “Trusted Traders”.

JMC have sought this Certification ahead of Brexit to give us an advantage over our competitors and to ensure continuity of service to our customers.

There are two types of AEO status that can be achieved:
• AEOC: Certification for Customs Procedures
• AEOS: Certification for Site Security

If both standards are achieved then the status of AEOF (AEO Full) is granted. JMC has achieved AEOF.

There are numerous benefits to AEO but the main ones are:
• Recognition of good standing with Customs Authorities.
• Priority for Inspections (if goods are to be inspected AEOs are automatically jumped to the top of the queue)
• Inspection place can designated by AEO (we can have goods inspected at JMC instead of at the docks)
• Lower scores for risk profiling (less chance of physical inspections by Customs)
• Waivers on Guarantees (Level of guarantees can be reduced, lowing costs)
• Mutually recognition around EU and with Customers (AEO is becoming a requirement to deal with certain entities (such as K+N & DBS))
o There are also mutual recognition agreements with USA, China, Japan, Norway, Switzerland and others.

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